Exploring the Natural Wonders of Toyama’s Mount Tateyama

Tateyama murodou

Tateyama, located in Toyama prefecture, is a breathtaking tourist destination known for its stunning natural beauty. Here, we’ve gathered information about Tateyama and categorized it for your convenience. Alpine routes that fascinate mountaineers Tateyama is situated at the center of the 3,015-meter Tateyama mountain range, surrounded by deep valleys and Continue Reading

Escape to the Serene Shimanto River in Shikoku

A Beautiful Natural Getaway for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Families If you’re looking for a beautiful natural getaway in Japan, look no further than the stunning scenery of the Shikoku region’s Shimanto River. This pristine river is surrounded by lush greenery and clear waters that make it a popular destination for Continue Reading

Iizaka Onsen: Chill Out at a Retro and Rustic Hot Spring Resort

Ancient History of Iizaka Onsen This historic resort has been around since the Jomon period, making it one of the oldest hot springs in Japan. Even Japanese royalty once enjoyed the therapeutic properties of its hot springs. This is a recommended travel destination for those who: Iizaka Onsen is The Continue Reading